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North Energy is a low-carbon energy consultancy specialising in the provision of greenhouse gas (GHG) life cycle assessment (LCA) of products and processes for industry, government and NGOs.

We can provide:

  • Life Cycle Assessment and carbon management services
  • Sustainability strategies
  • Renewable energy assessments and energy efficiency advice
  • Education and Training

Welcome to North Energy. We look forward to working with you.

Recent Projects

  • MIN-NO Project - update


    The "Minimising Nitrous Oxide Intensities of Arable Crop Products" (MIN-NO) project has been a major research activity by a consortium led by ADAS UK Ltd to provide evidence, mainly through field measurements, of direct nitrous oxide emissions from arable soils in the United Kingdom. The project was sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board. As part of this project, work was undertaken, in Work Package 1, to investigate the variability and sensitivity of greenhouse gas emissions for these crops and their products. North Energy Associates Ltd contributed to this work on deriving benchmark estimates of greenhouse gas emissions from national statistics and evaluating actual results from farm-level datasets. After appropriate filtering, primary data from industrial partners provided 288 datasets for milling wheat, 592 datasets for feed wheat, 353 datasets for oilseed rape, 511 datasets for sugar beet and 33 datasets for vining peas. This has enabled detailed statistical analysis, documented in the Work Package 1 Report, of greenhouse gas emissions associated with these particular crops and their products, which included bread, chicken meat, whisky, cooking oil, sugar, biodiesel and bioethanol.


    Wetlands Biomass Project

    Wetlands Biomass Project2015-05-15: The Wetlands Biomass to Bioenergy Project investigated three options to increase the availability of renewable, sustainable bioenergy whilst addressing the challenges of wetland management. It has supported the trial of mechanical harvesting techniques combined with a range of innovative storage solutions and conversion technologies including anaerobic digestion, bio-charring and briquetting. The project has been supported by DECC, with North Energy working with the 3 participant companies and the RSPB to carry out Life Cycle Assessments of the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of the options investigated.

    New Office

    New Office 2015-02-01: North Energy has moved office - but only around the corner in Sheffield to the recently re-furbished High Court Chambers. Our new address is in our Contact Us page.

    North Energy LCA work for Drax

    North Energy LCA work for Drax 2014-09-01: North Energy and Forest Research have recently completed a project for Drax Power Station to develop a catchment area specific carbon assessment for the company.

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